Implementation Arrangements: All activities under this component, except rural roads, will be implemented by the social mobilization partner through a strategy and human resource availability specified in the contract between PMU and SMP. Rural Roads, identified on the basis of selection criteria specified in the PIM, and identified through Union Council Development Plans to be endorsed by PSC, will be implemented by C&W Department on standard farm to market road specifications. Household nutrition and on-farm climate resilience interventions will be implemented in collaboration with WFP, FAO, SMP by PMU as per the terms of collaboration agreed.

Technical Assistance support will be provided by with Nutrition Section/SUN Movement Secretariat, Planning Commission, and WFP and WFP (World Food Programme), through IFAD Grant funding and own sources, for improved nutrition at the household level on-farm climate change resilience respectively.

WFP will focus on women and children nutrition and develop necessary training modules for TOT (Training of Trainers) and beneficiaries, nutrition packages, and nutrition monitoring systems. with Nutrition Section/SUN Movement Secretariat, Planning Commission, and WFP will provide technical assistance for ToT, curricula development, and training for small-holder farmers’ climate resilience.

Climate Change Resilient Farming and livestock Husbandry: On-farm support will be provided to equip the smallholder farmers with knowledge, skills, crop choices, and practices to better cope with climate change-induced challenges, 30,000 farmers will be trained also with in-situ demonstrations.

Food Security and Nutrition: The Project will support household-level interventions for the ultra-poor and poor (4,000 households) in improving food security and nutrition with the assistance of WFP. In addition, WFP will provide technical assistance to the GoB in the formulation of a food security and nutrition action plan for the province.