Government and UN work together in strengthening agriculture, livestock and fisheries in Balochistan

Pakistan International Maritime Expo and Conference-2023 (PIMEC-2023)  held from 10-12th February 2023 in Karachi.

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Under IFAD-funded Project GLLSP-II, The capacity-building training of Asset recipients is being organized by NRSP team in UC Surbandar, District Gwadar. (15-02-2023)

Contract Signing Ceremony with Turkish Company TUMAS for Feasibility Survey of Jetties Construction in GLLSP-II Project.

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In 2nd Phase of GLLSP, Technical training will be provided to youth and women to get employment in different sectors. PIU Gwadar & NRSP team visited technical centers to find the best opportunities in the required fields.

IFAD and GLLSP-II officials visited communities and project intervention sites during 1st Mission visit to Balochistan.

Under the Community Development Component, GLLSP-II PIU Lasbela team with the assistance of NRSP distributed livestock, Tuck shop and sewing machine assets to the VO Oba-1, Tehsil Larkhra Lasbela.

FAO Meeting-1
WFP Meeting-1
FAO Meeting-3
IFAD Mission-2

IFAD Mission meetings with PMU GLLSP-II, FAO and WFP officials during the visit to Quetta.


PIU Gwadar team visited the Fish landing sites of Ganz, Kappar karela & Kappar Darag.

Contract-Cameos event-1
Contract-Cameos event-2

Contract Award Ceremony between GLLSP-II and CAMEOS Consultancy firm for the Services of Feasibility Study, Design, and Construction Supervision of the Roads in District Gwadar and Lasbela under Gwadar Lasbela livelihood Support Project.


GLLSP-II team headed by Project Director Mr. Rehmat Dashti meeting Secretary Fisheries Department Mr. Babar Kakar regarding Fisheries related Project interventions.


Monthly Progress Review meeting with Implementing Partner NRSP regarding Community Mobilization Activities at PMU GLLSP office.

One Day Community Activist Workshop under GLLSP-II and NRSP (IP) at Ward Kahuda Ababagar Muhallah, District Gwadar.


PIU Gwadar Team visited the site Kappar Kerala, held meeting with Fishermen Cooperative Society was made functional.

PIU Lasbela Team conducting community members survey for HHs profiling at Daamb, District Lasbela.


Resident Coordinator UN Julien Harneis meeting with GLLSP PIU Gwadar and NRSP regarding project interventions in the district.

31-08-2022 CPI Visit-2
31-08-2022 CPI Visit-3

District Coordinator PIU Lasbela along with the team visiting flood effected roads constructed by GLLSP-I.


PIU Gwadar team along with the Fisheries value consultant visited Fish Factories regarding Fisheries value chain development under IFAD-GLLSP-II.


Community Focused discussion regarding Village Development through IFAD Funded Project GLLSP-II.

PIU Gwadar team meeting with Implementing Partner (IP) NRSP regarding GLLSP-II Activities of Community Mobilization.


One Day Activist Workshop in District Gwadar regarding mobilization of Community Institutions (COs & VOs).

30082022-GWD Visit2
30082022-GWD Visit
30082022-GWD Visit3

PIU Gwadar and NRSP team visiting the sites for the constructions of Community Infrastructures (CPIs) at community level by under GLLSP-II.

IFAD funded Project GLLSP-II Planning, Inception, and Orientation workshop of GLLSP PMU & PIU staff. IFAD Country Director Mr. Hubert Boirard, Country representative Mr. Fida, Communication Specialist Ms. Sumera, and Project Director GLLSP-II Mr. Rehmat Dashti briefed the staff regarding project activities and timelines.