Women empowerment will be pursued both through community organizational processes and specific targeted interventions. At least 50 per cent membership for women in COs/VOs and at least 30 per cent women presence in CO/VO/LSO management positions will be ensured. Women development priorities will be ascertained separate from those of men. At least 30 per cent technical training opportunities will be offered to women. Specific short vocational courses will be offered to young girls and women in traditional embroidery and crafts, fish processing, and fishing net weaving and repair. Women Resource Centers: 45 centers, at least one per Union Council, will be established in very poor villages that have no public building or suitable private dwelling for women’s joint activities. These centers will serve as meeting place, education centers, and joint enterprise activities for income generation. On average, about 250 women will be linked to each resource center where these 11,250 women will benefit from additional income generation interventions and capacity enhancement interventions. This will include kitchen gardening, food preservation, traditional crafts, nutrition, enterprise development, numeracy and preferred vocational skills. A start-up kit will be provided to each woman who successfully complete an enterprise or vocational training. As part of its assigned mandate, SMP will facilitate access for women to microfinance in cases where women members of resource centers wish to start an individual or group-enterprise.  Women with inclination and means (land, water) for kitchen gardening will be supplied with a basic package of inputs. These women groups will also be engaged in afforestation around homesteads and on communal areas around water facilities. Feasibility for one pilot Women Vegetable Processing Enterprise will be analyzed in one location in Lasbela District and, and if deemed positive, one such enterprise will be implemented prior to MTR. The number would be increased if the outcomes argue for the same. Technical assistance will be provided to GoB for development of an action plan to implement Gender Policy.