The objective of this subcomponent is to increase the income of the fisherfolks as well as the competitiveness of the Balochistan fishery value chain by (i) increasing significantly the quality of the existing fish catch arriving at the factory door (price +5-10per cent), (ii) reducing drastically the quantity of fish lost between the catch site and the factory door (+15per cent in quantity sold), (iii) responding better to the international quality norms for export and consequently enlarge the access to market (+5per cent price); and, (iv) sustainable management of marine fisheries resources.

These platforms will be supported at landing sites with no jetty to ensure efficient cleaning, grading, weighing, and transportation to the factory.

The Project will initially support 8 such platforms at sites that have the maximum catch and number of beneficiary fishermen/ boats. This platform will have small solar-powered RO plants for water (to keep fish quality), a roof covering a concrete apron, a store (for the cooperative equipment), a garage, and an office.

A concrete path from the boat landing site on the beach to the platform will be part of the package. The cost of this infrastructure on average will be around USD 100,000 per site.