This component includes three sub-components: (2.1) Establishing Fisheries 4Ps; (2.2) Economic Infrastructure for Fishery Development; and (2.3) Capacity building and institutional strengthening. Project’s primary target group is small fishermen (undertaking day trips in boats of less than 18 feet and 25 feet). A total of 50,000 fisheries households will be directly reached through this component. 2,300 poor young women and men will be also supported to become entrepreneurs/staff responding to demand for products or services generated by the 4Ps. This component will cover the overall 700 km of coast in Gwadar and Lasbela districts and all 40 current fishing landing sites.

The objective of this subcomponent is to increase the income of the fisherfolks as well as the competitiveness of the Balochistan fishery value chain by (i) increasing significantly the quality of the existing fish catch arriving at the factory door (price +5-10per cent), (ii) reducing drastically the quantity of fish lost between the catch site and the factory door (+15per cent in quantity sold), (iii) responding better to the international quality norms for export and consequently enlarge the access to market (+5per cent price); and, (iv) sustainable management of marine fisheries resources.

The approach to the fisheries sector will be holistic applying 4Ps model of value chain development to innovatively address the priorities at all levels including micro, meso and macro. The component will be operationalized through a comprehensive value chain package aimed at developing capacity of fisheries cooperatives, fisherfolks, consolidators and improving market links to the processing industry, meeting the needs in terms of infrastructure, finance and creating the enabling environment. The PMU will provide support through specialized staff and in conjunction with TA consistently to consistently build capacities of the cooperatives to take the role forward successfully in the post-project scenario.

Implementation: Implementation of the component will be directly managed by the PMU through a team of three professionals including a Business/Banking specialist, a Fish Marketing specialist and an Institutional expert, with Fisheries Department related aspects assigned to an Activity Manager and field team notified by the Department. The PMU Team will operate out of PIUs based in Gwadar or Lasbela. The team will be supported by 4 field specialist animators (accountant profile) that will monitor and follow the 11 cooperatives in the first phase (3 cooperatives per agent). 7 additional agents will be recruited after MTR. Each agent will have a motorbike and a tablet as well a lump sum operational amount per month for internet/phone and POL. All procurement will be handled by the procurement unit of the PMU. The Team in charge of this component will be responsible for all the M&E aspects of the component. Each cooperative will provide monthly operational and financial reporting to the PMU. Every quarter, a meeting with the Department of Fisheries will be organized in Quetta to report on the progress and difficulties of this component. The 80km roads to be constructed under this components would be identified by Fisheries Department in collaboration with PMU to be endorsed by Project Steering Committee.