Communication Guidelines – IFAD

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standard practices to help IFAD staff at headquarters and in liaison and country offices produce quality communication products and engage in communication activities that present a unified, consistent image of the organization. The guidelines support implementation of the P resident’s Bullet in PB/2014/03 on Delegation of Authority for Communications. They apply generally to all staff unless specified otherwise. Both Rome-based staff and staff in offices away from headquarters are expected to follow these instructions.


Gwadar – Lasbela Livelihoods Support (GLLSP) – II in continuation of GLLSP – I, is a six-years project with
objective “to sustainably increase the incomes and enhance the livelihoods of the rural poor fishermen’s and
agricultural households in the project area”. The project will benefit around 100,000 hhs and cover the overall
400 villages of the two districts during a six-year implementation period. There will be a particular focus on
women and youth..