Community Development is aimed at enabling rural communities to sustainably improve their incomes and livelihoods. This component consists of three complementary sub-components; (i) social mobilization sub-component will engage the target beneficiary households and result in 45 Union council development plans (UCDPs). These plans will reflect the identified needs and priorities covering both public and private/ household interventions; (ii) the poverty graduation sub-component will focus on provision of productive assets to ultra-poor, technical and enterprise training for poor, women empowerment and youth employment promotion; and, (iii) the social and economic infrastructure sub-component will address the priorities identified through UCDPs (400 Community Physical Infrastructure (CPIs) Schemes (one per village) and 40 kilometers (KMS) of farm to market roads. The component also has specific interventions to augment climate-smart agriculture and household nutrition improvements through the collaboration with Nutrition Section/SUN Movement Secretariat, Planning Commission, and World Food Programme.