Darkness to the lightening : A Story of Samina Tariq
Electricity is a blessing but Samina didn’t know this fact until she did not experienced the blessings in her life.
Samina Tariq a housewife living with 6 other members of her household is living in village Basool of District Gwadar.
Unfortunately, her village was deprived by electricity as there was no source of energy system for the past many years.
Gawadar Lasbela Livelihood Support Project with the financial assistance of Saudi Fund forDevelopment (SFD) has provided Solar electricity to the hundreds of households including Samina Tariq.
Samina Tariq belongs to a fishermen family. Her husband catches the fish from early morning to evening before the sun downs. The whole family had to settle their all activities in daytime as the darkness didn’t allow them to perform any such productive activity.
Samina children are studying in a government school and after leaving the school they could play any sports activities as they had to do their homework’s and other house related assistance to their parents within the daylight.
The Government of Balochistan through GLLSP-II which is funded by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) has brought a change in the lives of Village Basool. Now the family of Samina Tariq can perform their daily routine tasks even if there is no Sun shine.
Although the development of this journey from darkness to the lighting is long but now onward their children will definitely not to suffer for basic necessities of life such as electricity.
Gawadar Lasbela Livelihood Support Project is funded by IFAD and SFD through Government of Balochistan is a six year Project to enhance the livelihoods of more than 100,000 households of District Gwadar and Lasbela by community development schemes and infrastructure development.

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