Management & Coordination

The Project Director in the PMU, Gwadar will have responsibility for project planning, co-ordination and control of implementation process. Professional staff supports the Project Director. Individually appointed staff will be recruited using nation-wide advertising with posts open to highly qualified candidates from both the private and public sectors. If civil servants are selected they will be hired on a contract basis through direct recruitment following open competition procedures.

Tasks assigned in the PMU will include but not necessarily be limited to:

  1. Overall management and co-ordination of all components.
  2. Procurement of goods and services including the arrangement of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and contracts with, training institutions, NGOs and private sector partners that will implement the project.
  3. Guidance of field operations through the various implementing agencies Financial management and accounting, including timely preparation of the consolidated AWPBs for initial approval by the Project Director and onward submission to MOF, IFAD and the Co-operating Institution.
  4. Preparation and timely submission of technical, financial and physical progress reports to project financiers and the Co-operating Institution.

PMU will be responsible for disbursement of funds to the two Project districts to ensure accountability on the part of the District Assemblies. Funds for funding project activities will be released to the project districts based on the AWPBs. The Districts will prepare Statements of Expenditure as they expend the funds and remit to PMU. PMU will then release more funds.