Executing Agencies

The Planning and Development Department (P&D), through a Project Steering Committee and a dedicated PMU will be the national executing agency of the project, having overall responsibility for project implementation.

  • National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
  • Communication and Works Department ( C &W )
  • Fisheries Department

National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)

  • Undertake further strengthening of the community organizations.
  • Identify and train community resource persons at the village and Union Council level who will then participate in participatory monitoring and evaluation of project activities.
  • Identify the target group for  all  project  activities  in  discussions  with  the  COs  based  on  the  criteria  specified  for  different activities.
  • Assist  in  the  asset  creation  sub-component.
  • Implement  the  community  physical infrastructure  schemes.
  • Coordinate with other implementing partners when required.
  • Assist in project monitoring and evaluation.

NRSP is Pakistan’s largest multi sector rural development programme.  It is not for profit organization registered under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984.  NRSP  is  the  largest  RSP  in  Pakistan  in  terms  of  outreach,  staff  and  development  activities. NRSP as the main social mobilization partner will interface between the community and the project. Specifically, NRSP will

Communication & Works Department

Communication and Works is Government of Balochistan Department for development of rural infrastructure. C & W will implement rural infrastructure component of GLLSP. Its will also provide guidance for CPIs.

Fisheries Department

Fisheries is another Government of Balochistan Department for development of Fisheries Sector in coastal area. Here in project Fisheries Department will responsible for;

  • Provide Fishing Equipments to Fishermen Community
  • Provide Fish Handling Trainings to Fishermen
  • Capacity building of Fisheries Team for surveillance