Gwadar Lasbela Livelihoods Support Project (GLLSP)

The Gwadar Lasbela Livelihoods Support Project (GLLSP) is a six year Project being co-financed by the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and Government of Balochistan. Total Project Cost is US $ 35.2 million of which US $ 30.0 million is a loan from IFAD, US $ 5.2 million is GOB and beneficiary contribution. The project is intended to benefit rural poor households living in the project impact areas, particularly female headed, those with smallest land holdings, school dropouts and other disadvantaged households.

The project will be implemented in the two coastal districts of Gwadar and Lasbela in Balochistan. It will cover 20,000 households from 382 villages in 26 rural UCs in the project area. Of the 26 project UCs, 9 are in Gwadar whereas the remaining 17 are in Lasbela.  In both the districts, 16 UCs are coastal whereas 10 are non coastal.