Cost & Financing

The total Project costs over a 6-year implementation period, including physical and price contingencies, are estimated at PKR 3 billion (USD 35.2 million). The total baseline costs are USD 36.9 million, while price and physical contingencies account for USD 12.2 million.

The major investments are in;

  1. Community Development activities constituting 12% (USD 3.9 million) of base costs.
  2. Fisheries Development which represents  the  core  productive  project  which  takes  up  45%  (USD  14.9  million)  of  base  costs.
  3. Rural  Infrastructure  takes  up  37%  of  base  costs  (USD  12.2  million). Project Management is 7% of base costs.
IFAD will finance 85.1% of the Project costs (USD 30 million) through a loan to the Government of Pakistan on highly concessionary terms. The provincial government will provide counterpart contribution to the tune of USD 4.7 million by waiving/ foregoing duties and taxes accruing from Project transactions and other in-kind costs. The beneficiaries will contribute 0.5 million to the Project through in-kind contribution.