The project objective is to increase the incomes and enhance the livelihoods of the poor rural/fishermen households in the project area. This will be achieved through improved production in a participatory, integrated and environment   friendly manner. Specific objectives are:

  1. Organizing the rural  poor  men  and  women  in  target  villages to  be  active  partners  in  implementation  of  project activities and their own development.
  2. Improving the access to poor men and women to productive assets,  including  skills,  knowledge,  capital,  means  of  production  and  markets.
  3. Assisting in addressing  local  development  and  services  lags  through  provision  of  support  for  local  productive infrastructure.
  4. Improving production support infrastructure of fishermen’s communities through improved landing sites and strategically located road network.
  5. Empowering poor communities to become effective partners in development and accessing development resources and mainstream an accountable system for development delivery.